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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  November 16, 2013 1:35am-2:11am PST

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♪ what did we learn on the show onight craig ♪ uhh. [meow] craig: you tell me that's not entertainment right there! right there! the zombie's not going down. then the cat fires flames out of his ass! tell me that's not entertainment, right, geoff? geoff: what more do you want? craig: what about zombies on "downton abbey"? i'll be the zombie. and you'll be somebody on "downton abbey." let's try it. uhuh. geoff: good heavens, i say.
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oh, dear. gertrude, bring me my rifle. craig: won't work. i am a zombie. geoff: you're rather rude. craig: i'm a zombie. i'm a zombie, madam. geoff: do you want to come in and get warm, then? craig: oh, i should. so [laughter] geoff: how did you die? from baluminaria? craig: good night, everybody. good nig
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a damsel in distress. >> there's a woman tied to the cable tracks! >> a bank heist. >> they kidnapped the seal. >> and a mascot held hostage. >> oh, my god, it's the been begin! >> then -- it's the penguin! >> then he arrived. >> here's batkid. >> tonight even the president is talking about batkid. >> the little guy is probably passed out somewhere right now after a wonderful day, an exciting one, right, andrea? >> reporter: word on the street is that pint size caped crusader is, in fact, in bed right now after a very tough day fighting crime here in gotham city, a crime wave like we've never seen before. in fact, city hall is still lit up in honor of his accomplishments today.
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from comic book page to childhood dream to make a wish reality on the streets of san francisco, gotham, batkid miles saved the damsel from the riddler, saved the dough from the same dude, saved the seal from the penguin, batkid even had time to grab a burger, all the while stealing the day and the hearts of san franciscans. >> oh, i think batkid is so good. he's the ultimate hero. >> i can't even explain it. i am just so amazed to be here in this great city and to be able to support miles and his make a wish. i'm really excited. >> reporter: and others who think of gotham as home. >> it's living the comic book ride now, every kid's reality, every nerd like me's reality coming true. >> reporter: and people looking for a hero worldwide with kudos coming from the hall of justice. >> nicely done, dynamic duo.
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>> reporter: to the speed of power. >> way to go, miles, way to save gotham. >> reporter: the news of a kid whose cancer is in remission along with the penguin and riddler was worthy of an indictment. >> that kid got the penguin and riddler. gotham city is finally saved. >> reporter: it was a moment the city and perhaps the world needed to remember that superheroes could come in 5- year-old packages and the ability to turn fiction into fact is however brief lies in all of us. not everyone was feeling the batkid love of the this was an instagram post from san francisco supervisor eric marr wondering how many thousands of sf kids living off food stamps could have been fed from the money. he was immediately blasted on twitter, on instagram by people following him. the statement was ultimately reredskinned on facebook but -- rescinded on facebook, but plenty in gotham think that
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he's the real villain tonight. hero's welcom >> thank you. well, after a long day of fighting crime juliette goodrich shows us the batkid took off his mask for a hero's welcome at city hall. >> reporter: arriving in his lamborghini style batmobile batkid finished his day at city hall where thousands of adoring fans cheered him on, their hero, and with his bright smile and fist pump into the air miles represents living proof a wish can come true and his battle with leukemia can be beat. >> may i present to you batkid. >> reporter: with batman by his side, batkid was handed the key to gotham city and this special declaration. >> today november 15th, 2013, will be batkid day forever! >> reporter: miles' dad said told is a day his family will
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never for-- today is a day his family will never forget. >> this is closure for us. he finished treatment in june. it's been a long three years for us and this is one way to kick it off. >> reporter: november 15th, a day an entire city came together to make a wish come true and make headlines around the world. >> gotham city chronicles, batkid saves the city! [ cheering and applause ] >> reporter: everyone coming to city hall to see batkid and also getting their hands on a t- shirt, batkid. all of the proceeds are going to make a wish. one thing i noticed, that was for real, the real life batkid, because he didn't need a nap. in san francisco juliette goodrich, kpix5. >> here's a sneak peek at what you'll see in tomorrow's chronicle, the headline batkid saves city. what an incredible day. it took make a wish almost a year to plan it, but the banner
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flying over san francisco or gotham city said it all, wishes do come true. now back to reality and this is a jolt. b.a.r.t. wants to head back to the bargaining table and tonight we know thomas hawk won't be b.a.r.t.'s chief negotiator this time around. the world says he is no longer associated with the district. the unions didn't like hawk and that's hotting it nicely. during a meeting -- putting it nicely. during a meeting told the board had the general manager resume negotiations because of a provision about paid family leave in the final contract. the board calls it an expensive error that should never have been included in the deal. you can imagine the unions think otherwise. >> it's very disappointing that the district would take this stance when they know they have a signed agreement. >> it's going to be very, very costly to keep this clause in and i don't see how we can. anning an in >> b.a.r.t. has maintained it never agreed to that proposal on paid family leave. the board is planning an
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investigation to find out how it got in. kiet do is at the caldecott tunnel tonight. i've been waiting years to see what's happening and to see when they're going to finally open this thing. tell me it's soon, please. >> reporter: yes. in just a couple hours. check it out. we are live in between bore 3 and bore 4. these guys are hard at work and say this is a delicate ballet, a very well choreographed dance between the lane closures and the workers trying to restripe the lanes. in a couple hours it will be done and your life will be that much easier, ken. you're witnessing highway history. this is the last time the direction through the second bore will ever be reversed and with that nearly half a billion dollars in bay area traffic relief is coming in a few hours. >> this project is a little bit ahead of schedule and under budget and that's phenomenal. to me as an engineer that's amazing. >> reporter: crews will pull up old lane striping, repaint
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new lines, remove debris and sweep the road. after three years and nine months caltrans said it will open overnight, so crews are under pressure to get it done. >> this is a big year for us. i don't know if it's not the biggest year we've had since 1936 and 1937 when the golden gate bridge opened, the bay bridge opened and the first tunnel opened. >> reporter: drivers going in reverse new directions will see the biggest time savings. going eastbound in the morning she'll shave five minutes off the drive. westbound drivers in the afternoon will save eight to 10 minutes. >> certainly the biggest advantages will be in the countercommute hours, but we're having congestion all hours of the day. we're always a little behind, but it's great to have it open now. >> reporter: caltrans will not give an exact time when the fourth bore will open because they do not want a bunch of people trying to be the first person through for bragging rights. they say doing so will be unsay. >> they're changing -- be
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unsafe. >> they're changing the direction of the tunnel and somebody tells me you've lived here 18 years and this is your first trip to the called cut, johnny come lately, you have to be there on the last day? >> reporter: you know, i'm not proud to say that i need to get out more. >> head east, young man. kiet do at the soon to open fourth bore, thank you. a mystery in the desert tomorrow the, how did a family of four -- tonight, how did a family of four who disappeared three years ago wind up in shallow graves in the middle of nowhere in san bernardino. the bones of 40-year-old joseph mcstay and his wife summer were found in victorville. two other bodies found in the same area are believed to be their 3 and 4-year-old sons. there are no suspects. >> it gives us courage to know
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that they're together and in a better place. >> detectives are treating the deaths as homicides. there are no suspects so far. a different murder mystery tonight, when google street views spotted something no one ever expected. the images found on google street view are disturbing. an aerial shot of sanford avenue in richmond and a grim geographical marker, zoom in and clearly see a crime scene, come cars, an officer and look closely, a body. until now it's been a mystery, but richmond police confirmed the aerial shot was taken in august, 2009, the same day the bold of this 14-year-old boy was found in the area. richmond police say that boy was kevin barrera found shot to death along these railroad tracks not far from here. the fact that google happened to be shooting images in the area that day, pure
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coincidence. >> it's real painful to see those pictures on the internet of. >> reporter: kevin's father saw the images of the crime scene for the first time tonight. >> it bring me back, you know, the memories. that hurt me a lot. >> reporter: kevin's murder is still unsolved. his family only knows that the boy was walking in his neighborhood 1 night and called a friend on his cell phone to tell him someone was following him. his body was found the next day. jose wants google to remove the images. >> that's just something that they have to remove. >> reporter: but he sees the silver lining. four years after his son's murder a chance to appeal to police and the public answers. >> we reached out to google after hours to ask about the images. they did not get back to us. >> reporter: a cal football player has been suspended for starting take locker room fight that sent a teammate -- a locker room fight that sent a teammate to the hospital november 1st, the day before
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the team's game against arizona. cal has not identified the suspended player, but he must get counseling and do 25 hours of community service before he will be allowed to play football again. safeway donated 31 ipads to replace those stolen from river glen elementary school in san jose. someone stole the ipads along with more than two dozen lap tops over the last few weeks. safeway says it bought the ipads for employees, but they were not being used, so it donated them. >> we don't have like extra money to buy extra ipads and we use the i pads daily. so it was very important for our school. >> teachers now plan to keep the new equipment in lockboxes at night. did a secret medical device cost jfk his life? well, his doctor's theory about that fateful day in dallas. >> as we face the dryest year on record tonight we look at on record tonight we look at the men who are making millions,
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aaah! aaaaah! theres a guy on the window! do something, dad! aaaah! aaaah! what is happening? they're rate suckers. their bad driving makes car insurance more expensive for the rest of us. good thing there's snapshot from progressive. snap it in and get a discount based on your good driving. stop paying for rate suckers. try snapshot free at president john f. kenned a week from today marks 50 years since the assassination of president john f. kennedy and just now a doctor who attended to the president that day says kennedy might have survived if it weren't for something he was wearing. >> i'm dr. kenneth salyer and on november 22nd, 1963, i was on neurosurgery call at
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parkland memorial hospital in dallas, texas. when i walked in, my colleagues remember at the top of the table in -- were at the top of the table in trauma room one and as we undressed him i noticed he had this huge back lace. it was almost like a corps c -- corset and i was surprised. i had no idea he had this huge brace on. >> you had thought a lot about that back brace over the years. >> i had. >> tell me about that. >> that first shot would not had been lethal, we could have saved him from that. then the second shot that hit him because he was a perfect target with his head right here and still he's still up there because of the back brace. >> so what you're saying here is that the back brace just sort of kept him in place there instead of the bullet thrusting him forward. he just stayed there because he couldn't move. >> that's exactly right. >> had he not been wearing the back brace, what would have
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lapped? >> if he had not been -- happened? >> if he had not been wearing the back brace, i think the force of the bullet would have thrown him forward just like the same bullet threw john connolly, our governor, down into the seat and history would have been completely different. >> you can see the entire interview on a special edition of 48 hours tomorrow night at 9:00 here on kpix5. tonight we'd like to take a moment tapa our respects to a bay area journalists. his name was raul ramirez. he died at his home in berkeley this morning of cancer of the esophagus. he was executive director of news and public affairs at kqed radio. he also worked at the oakland tribune and san francisco examiner. he taught at san francisco state university and at cal and was a vocal advocate for diversity in journalism. raul ramirez was 67. their hands on situation in the philippines is so desperate
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tonight that survivors are doing anything that it takes to get their hands on food. some shaky video for you there shows hundreds of people looting a barge that the typhoon sent crashing onto land. they're taking sacks of rice off that boat. well, a big thank you to everyone who donated to our typhoon relief fund with the red cross. we have been able to raise with your help $410,000 you can still donate at the dryest year on record makes water a more precious commodity than ever. it's waking up old feuds. currently delta water is pumped out of this station near tracy feeding into twin canals to meet the central valley and southern california's water demands, but linda yee says a plan to build a $24 billion underground canal raises questions about who is getting the water. >> he doesn't have a voice, so we're going to be his voice of. >> reporter: delta sport
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fisherman bobby barrack fighting mad. a group called the coalition for a sustainable delta is blaming his livelihood, the striped bass, for killing off native salmon by eating them. >> they need a escape boat. >> reporter: he -- a scapegoat. >> reporter: he says the real reason salmon are dying is because of all the water being diverted out of the delta and water he says flows to money. >> follow the money trail. these people that are making this statement, who finances them? >> reporter: tax documents show the top officers of the coalition are employees of paramount farms. >> paramount farms is located in the heart of california's san joaquin valley. >> reporter: the biggest producer of almonds and pistachios in the world. it's part of an agribusiness empire that includes pom pomegranate and fiji water owned by beverly hills billionaires stuart and lynda resnick. the resnicks also own a majority interest in this, the current water bank. it is one of the largest
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undergroundwater storage facilities in the world. it allows them to buy delta water from the state, store it in their bank, then use it in dry years or sell it on the open market. so why go after striped bass? >> they're looking for anything that pins the tail on something other than their project exports. >> reporter: bill jennings with the california sportfishing alliance says it all started a few years ago when water exports were cut back to protect endangered salmon. jennings says the stripers can be blamed for the salmon decline instead, those restrictions could be eased and more water could flow south again. >> if we eliminate the environmental protections, they could take more water. >> reporter: paramount farms never responded to our calls, but we were able to talk to jonathan parker, general manager of the current water bank. >> the participants need a reliable water supply. >> reporter: he said six participants share the water bank. paramount farms is the biggest with 48% ownership.
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>> we don't own the water. it's the participants' water. >> reporter: how much water is in there right now (. >> about a million acre feed actually. >> reporter: it's not a bad supply. >> no. it's pretty good. >> reporter: good enough to serve 1 million families for one year. the coalition for a sustainable delta declined an interview, but in this e-mail said the suggestion that we have initiated the striped bass litigation to divert attention from water exports could not be more unfounded. back on the delta bobby barrack disagrees. >> this water belongs to every single one of you people in the state of california. it is a public trust and what is fixing to happen is this stuff right here is going to be used to make money and divied out into a few wallets. >> the department of fish and wildlife settled the coalition's lawsuit by recommending new regulations to reduce the striper population. however, the state's fish and game commission did not move forward on that. the coalition also points out that other factors contribute to native fisheries declines such as pollution and pumping
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operations. you can read more of the coalition's e-mail on our website at >> it's like the new gold in california, water. >> always has been. >> boy, for sure. thank you. speaking of water, a precious commodity, rain also a precious commodity, we need that. the two kind of go together. >> as supply goes down, the value goes up. >> hopefully we'll get some next week. >> a little bit. we have to start somewhere. i think that somewhere will be toward the middle of next week, but yes, water is a scarce resource around these parts right now. live look outside tonight, south bay, san jose, dry, chilly, in the mid-40s in much of the south bay overnight. the 30s in santa rosa and napa down to 35, redwood city 44 degrees tomorrow morning. speaking of that lack of water officially in san francisco we're up to 55 consecutive days without any measurable rainfall. should have had more than 2 1/2
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inches during that time. we have had zero. let's talk about the good side of the weather, grit to get outside, so many tourist -- great to get outside, so many tourist destinations. cloudy start tomorrow, afternoon sunshine, high 63. sunday is the milder choice with a high of 66 degrees. so this active storm track, we've got a storm over arizona, thunderstorms blowing dust, wind gusts to 50 miles per hour. we have a storm over the northwest with snowfall rates 2 or 3 inches per hour in the cascades. right in between we find a truckload full of nothing in the bay because that big ridge of high pressure is blocking all the activity sending it somewhere else. cold for much of the country, stormy to our north and south, the ridge of high pressure keeping us pretty benign with weather, just clouds tomorrow morning. next week changes. high pressure moves far enough to the south to allow the next storm to move in to give us a glancing blow. we'll see a few showers and the
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timing has changed. i think they'll get here by tuesday, not wednesday. temperatures, we'll stay cool a while. this front over the weekend will be another near miss, but the rain chance has been moved up to tuesday. 61 in the city tomorrow, san jose 63, morning clouds for you in santa clara and freemont, low 60s, 62 in pleasantville and danville tomorrow, partly cloudy skies, mill valley 62, in a 62 -- -- navato62 ,,,,,,,,
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world.. for a waitress who t stiffed on her tip, because she's gay. tonight donations are pouring in from around the world for a waitress who got stiffed on her tip because she's gay. >> a new jersey waitress said she knew there could be a problem as soon as she introduced herself to the table. using to tip >> normal introduction, my name's dana. i'll be taking care of you and the mom looked at me and said i
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thought you were going to say dan. >> dana said the family paid >> dana said the family paid the $90 bill but left a note aaah! aaaaah! theres a guy on the window! do something, dad! aaaah! aaaah! what is happening? they're rate suckers. their bad driving makes car insurance more expensive for the rest of us. good thing there's snapshot from progressive. snap it in and get a discount based on your good driving. stop paying for rate suckers.
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we're talking hockey, basketball, what do you want to lead with? >> i'm going all over, but i'll start with hockey because you've waited long enough. san jose just rolling, about the only time the sharks stood still tonight in edmonton. 1st period action, we got a power play and hello, joe
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pavelski, getting rid of the loose change in front. it's 1-0. then minutes later great pass joe thornton, already 12 goals of the year, 2- 0. scoring for the 2nd, patrick marleau, a one timer. sharks win it 3-1, their first sweep of the western canada team at this juncture of the season. it's also the third straight win. segway to football. the raiders undrafted free agent quarterback may be under center for the first time in a regular season game in houston sunday. terrelle pryor's knee issues may keep him from players. raiders are a six to nine point road dog at the texans. spirit was willing for balboa at the pavilion tonight. that's the gotham city title game. cardinals had won 28 overall
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titles. aplin says add a 29th and later served up the championship point here, three straight identical 25-18 scores got them that trophy that they certainly enjoyed. what an entrance for the lincoln mustangs and what a mark they left on the mission defense. day-vee-an telfore 19-yard run by quarterback justin schuwong to make it 21-0 at the half. 3rd quarter it's damian telfour rounding the corner for the touchdown. mustangs beat the bears 34-20. the two meet next week in the playoffs. usf lost to nevada. the student body wearing the moustache trying to set a world record for fake moustaches worn at a game. guinness is still calculating. no. 4, ucla's stan mckay on one knee in front of his boys popped the question.
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she said yes. no. 3, nets and suns tied 98-98. joe johnson floats on and the buzzer, wins it for brooklyn, no reaction at all. no. 2, peter swindle trick shot field goal. yeah, you can brag about that and no. 1, 9-year-old kid in germany, look at the moves and the goal! how about that? we'll be back.
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